Welcome to NovaMEB

NovaMEB is a family company developing throughout the years. We deal with performance of tailored-made furniture, doors and stairs. The beginnings of the activity go back to 1994, since when we have been gaining experience due to hard work, performing more and more interesting and difficult projects and participation in trainings. The work we perform is our passion, due to which we seek to perfection. All the time we improve our skills, as well as we invest in new technologies and solutions.

Due to the fact that we pay much attention to the quality and durability of our products we are recognizable as a reliable and trustworthy company. For many years we have had regular clients. Also due to the satisfied clients who recommend us, we obtain next, new recipients. We obtain high quality not only due to our experience but also due to using high quality sub-assemblies. reliable suppliers of materials are one of the keys to our success and your satisfaction from the final effect.

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